Challenging Behaviour Training

This course is designed to equip all participants with an understanding of how the threat of conflict affects us, to teach techniques to de-escalate conflict situations, develop confidence in your ability to deal with difficult situations, and eliminate the need for physical intervention in de-escalating situations in the care setting

Course Content:

  1. What is behaviour
  2. Why do people behave in particular ways
  3. Understanding of what is meant by Challenging behaviour
  4. Examples of behavioural difficulties
  5. Role of observation in dealing with challenging behaviour
  6. Importance of non-confrontational response to challenging behaviour
  7. Effective strategies to reduce challenging behaviour
  8. How to make good communications part of your work practice
  • instructor lead, practical hands on course. Case studies and group work discussion.

Qualification Achieved: Successful candidates will receive s Safe-T-Group certificate of training