Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Price: EUR65.00

Date: December 20, 2018

This course is a legal requirement for companies whose employees are at risk of back injury from activities in the workplace. All employees must be trained in manual handling techniques at least once every three years as per the General Applications Regulations 2007 ( Part 2 Chapter 4).

Available Spaces: 10

Patient Handling Training

Price: EUR95.00

Date: December 20, 2018

This course is aimed at healthcare workers or those aiming to enter the healthcare sector. All employees must be trained in manual handling techniques at least as per the General Applications Regulations 2007 (Part 2 Chapter 4).

Available Spaces: 9

Crisis Prevention Training

Price: EUR125.00

Date: January 18, 2019

Management of Actual & Potential Aggression   

This course is designed to give participants an understanding of disruptive and aggressive behaviour and equip them with the skills to risk assess, de-escalate situations, disengage from risky environments & behaviour, manage their personal safety, manage aggression and challenging behaviour, and follow good practice in their decision making regarding justification for actions taken. It is aimed for employees who work in challenging environments where they have a duty of care to others and themselves. It has been developed with person-centered delivery at its core. The core values of this training are that any actions should be proportionate, reasonable, and justified, that any physical intervention should only be used to avoid injury or harm, should be a last resort and safety is the paramount concern protecting the rights of the cared for and the safety of the carer.

This course is an interactive course where there is a healthy mix of theory and practical methods of training throughout the course. Although the course is designed for the workplace all learning outcomes can be applied to first aid situations in the home and sporting situations.

Course Content:

  • Unit 1: Understanding Challenging, Aggressive,  & disruptive Behaviour
  • Unit 2: Crisis Prevention
  • Unit 3: De-escalation
  • Unit 4: Managing Behaviour
  • Unit 5: Decision Making
  • Unit 6: Good Practice
  • Unit 7: What is Reasonable Force / Disengagement
  • Unit 8: Case Studies
  • Unit 9: Holding/Disengagement Skills (Practical)
  • Unit 10: Group Work/ Reflection

Qualification Achieved: Fully CPD accredited, Licensed by the Self Defence & Martial Arts Guild, Regulated by the Care Quality Commission UK (HIQA Equivalent)

Available Spaces: Unlimited

FETAC Manual Handling Instructors RPL (Recognising Prior Learning) (date to be confirmed)

Price: EUR400.00

Date: April 1, 2020

From the 1st of January 2012 all manual handling instructors must be qualified to FETAC Level 6 to deliver courses in Ireland whether this is on a commerical basis or for inhouse company training. This course covers the legistlation, Anatomy, Ergonomics, Manual Handling Risk Assessment, and skills for trainers.